Sends Donald Trump a Strong Message About Climate Change


Despite President Donald Trump's threat to pull America from the Paris Agreement, about 3,000 climate negotiators met in the city of Bonn, Germany on Tuesday, to discuss the nitty gritty of the global deal that was negotiated late previous year.

In arguing against a full withdrawal, the first daughter, who serves as a White House adviser, is joined by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has warned of diminished USA diplomatic standing as a result of pulling out of Paris; Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who advised the U.S. "renegotiate" its commitments; and major U.S. fossil fuel firms, who say the deal provides an effective framework for addressing climate change.

Spicer said Trump has been meeting with his team "extensively" to discuss the issue.

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron will defend a global climate deal signed in 2015 in Paris, he told U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday.

Massoud Rezvanian, speaking on behalf of the Like-Minded Developing Countries, a negotiating bloc representing more than half the world's population in China, India, Africa and the Arab world, said the agreement "must be observed and not be renegotiated".

The Paris Agreement was agreed by the 195 member economies that attended the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to UNFCCC 2015 in Paris. In it, they ask him to "please keep the the Paris Climate Agreement", as the "threat to our planet and to our children is too great".

President Trump is expected to make a final announcement by the end of the month.

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Several former Obama administration officials on Monday called on the Trump administration to recognize that the Paris agreement is not overly constraining and that even with their pro-fossil fuel policies, they can live with it.

It is the second time that a meeting to discuss the Paris agreement has been delayed.

The former president said climate change "is already making it more hard to produce food". The meeting will be rescheduled, according to a report by Politico though the future date is uncertain.

Ivanka Trump has meanwhile become a talisman for those who believe she can be a moderating influence on her father.

Spicer's announcement came the same day that a team of top administration officials postponed deliberations on whether to recommend that the USA stay in the pact or exit it, which Trump promised to do during last year's presidential campaign.

An American withdrawal would threaten not only its own pledge of cutting emissions 26-28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025, but also those of poorer countries which depend on funds that rich nations have promised in climate aid.