'Seattle's son' Chris Cornell mourned in city


In the midst of a Soundgarden tour, Cornell and the band had performed that night.

The Wayne county medical examiner's office said after an initial autopsy the cause of Cornell's death had been determined as suicide by hanging.

She phoned his hotel room on Thursday morning and when he didn't answer, the website reveals she became concerned and contacted the front desk. The first time I met Cornell was during an A&M Records party in Manhattan, just prior to the release of Soundgarden's breakthrough release "Badmotorfinger" in 1991.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page tweeted: "RIP Chris Cornell".

Michigan's Ron Buckner was in the fourth row of Soundgarden's last concert in Detroit on May 17, 2017.

Cornell, 52, was found dead in his hotel's bathroom an hour after wrapping up his concert with the band in detroit's Fox Theatre, reported The Telegraph. "And if you know the words, sing with me".

Bumbery called the death "sudden and unexpected" and said his wife and family were shocked by it.

His early work with Soundgarden, and his decision to take voice lessons, raised the bar for the rest of those bands, including Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.

Cornell's long tresses, piercing green eyes and agile rock growl made him one of the genre's most captivating frontmen. I thought his voice would forever grace the world of music.

"The "no such thing as nothing" line comes from the concepts that humans don't really have a flat line until we're dead".

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He was a pioneer of the 1990s grunge movement as part of Seattle band Soundgarden, whose hits included Black Hole Sun, Pretty Noose, Rusty Cage, Jesus Christ Pose and Fell on Black Days.

"They would like to thank fans for their continuous love and loyalty and ask that their privacy be respected at this time", the statement said. As frontman for three separate groups-Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog, all significant and compelling in their own ways-and as a solo artist, Cornell's multi-octave vocal range at times both embraced and defied the trademark mumbling vocal style of grunge-a genre in which he is often credited with a pioneering role, alongside the names Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder.

Cornell and Soundgarden reunited in 2010 and released the band's sixth studio album, "King Animal" in 2012.

"I find it very interesting that he wrote that, considering the fact that Weezer is so formulaic", he said.

On news of Chris Cornell's death today: "It blows my mind that four out of the five big five grunge band singers have passed away".

Not one of the better-known - or even one of the better - James Bond themes, but Cornell joined an elite class of performers when he performed the theme song to the 21st James Bond movie.

He left school at the age of 15 to play drums in a band and knew he had found his calling.

He'd spoken candidly in the past about his experiences of depression, telling Rolling Stone in 2015 that his first solo album, 1999's 'Euphoria Morning' (originally titled 'Euphoria Mourning'), was about a particularly hard time in his life.

Cornell had a special connection to Australia, not because of his sell-out shows at the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne or three appearances at Big Day Out festival, but because he nearly drowned here.

"That's probably the business I'd have ended up in if it wasn't for music", he told the British paper. When I got to my stereo, I drifted toward more mellow recording artists. "I had to figure out how to turn around and get back out of it without dying ... which I did, that's how I'm talking to you now". "I wasn't insane about Michael Jackson until I covered 'Billie Jean, ' and now I get it". When I leave the country, who knows? When I saw them in 2011 they were as good as they'd ever been - older, yes, but well settled into this sound and performing like they were out to prove its worth again.