Scotland must have a choice, says Sturgeon


AN SNP victory in the general election in Scotland would complete a "triple lock" for a second independence referendum, according to the party's manifesto.

After postponing the launch of the party's election manifesto following the terrorist attack in Manchester, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said her SNP is the only party that can stand up to May's Conservatives in Scotland.

Sturgeon promised to keep Scotland in the single market to protect the 80,000 jobs that could be at risk if there is a hard Brexit, she said, affecting sectors such as fisheries, agriculture and academia.

Nicola Sturgeon will use her stranglehold over Jeremy Corbyn in a "coalition of chaos" to force up income tax across the whole of the United Kingdom, it was claimed last night.

Ms Sturgeon is also expected to announce plans to spend an extra £118bn on public services. Describing the policy as a chance to "defend Scotland against the cash grab" the party will advocate for the Barnett formula to gain further protections so it cannot be reduced by UK Tory Governments in the future.

According to the SurveyMonkey poll for the Scottish Sun on Sunday, the SNP are now on 39 per cent of the vote, well below the 50 per cent vote share they received at the 2015 General Election and the 46.5 per cent vote share in the constituency vote in last year's elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Corbyn's openness to talks with Holyrood could help him into Downing Street if there is not a decisive victor on June 9.

Speaking at today's launch, Ms Sturgeon said the manifesto was focused on "fairness, opportunity and democracy".

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The SNP leader barely mentioned Labour, other than warning a vote for Labour on June 8 increased the chance of Tory MPs being elected in Scotland.

The party has already set out a number of pledges, including a promise to retain the triple lock on pensions and an "anti-austerity plan" for additional investment in public services.

She said: "Now, more than ever, we need strong SNP voices at Westminster standing up for Scotland against an emboldened Tory government".

Regardless of whether you voted Leave or Remain, a vote for the SNP at this election is a vote to ensure Scotland's interests are protected throughout that process.

It says Scotland should have control over its immigration system and suggests the country should stay in the single market after Brexit.

Labour, which reigned over Scotland for decades before the SNP's ascent, fell into disarray under Jeremy Corbyn's divisive leadership - leaving the Conservatives to pick up most of the unionist support. Claiming to be in favour of a 50p top rate of tax across the United Kingdom but refusing to introduce one in Scotland where she actually has the power to do so is cynical politics at its worst.

They propose a second referendum.

She has simultaneously described the UK Labour leader as weak on issues such as Brexit, while agreeing to a progressive alliance on pensions and pay.