Russian President Vladimir Putin warns West to 'stop intimidating North Korea'


North Korea has been developing a long-range missile capable of striking the mainland United States mounted with a nuclear warhead.

Leader Kim Jong-un personally oversaw the test on Sunday, the official Korea Central News Agency said, and pictures by state media showed him gazing at the missile in a hangar before the launch.

The Hwasong-12's range is estimated at 5,000km, with its speed reaching between Mach 15 and Mach 24 upon re-entering the Earth's atmosphere, the South's Yonhap News Agency says. And Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada suggested that it might be a new type of missile altogether, noting that it reached an altitude of 2,000 km (1,240 miles) and remained in the air for 30 minutes.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said on ABC-TV's "This Week" on Sunday that the U.S. has been working well with China, Pyongyang's closest ally, and she raised the possibility of new sanctions against North Korea, including on oil imports.

Although outside experts see several places where North Korea is likely stretching the truth, the missile launched Sunday appears to be the most powerful the country has ever tested.

The statement also condemned an earlier ballistic missile launch by Pyongyang on April 28 - following that launch, Washington began talks with China on possible new United Nations sanctions.

It was its 10th launch this year, after dozens in 2016, as it accelerates efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental United States - something President Donald Trump has vowed "won't happen". The country's dictator Kim Jong Un is warning (he's done it before) that the country is well on its way to striking the US mainland and military bases throughout the Pacific Ocean.

In a blatant show of power, Kim Jong-un tried to intimidate the United States with its latest nuclear missile that landed in the sea near Russian Federation.

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A closed-door emergency Council session was set for Tuesday.

"The greatest responsibility for bringing North Korea to its senses. lies with China", Turnbull says.

Schilling said the ability to hit Guam, 3,400 kilometres away, was not a game-changer, but that the new missile could be a step along the way.

North Korea is boasting of a successful weekend launch of a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead.

"The test-firing of ICBMs will occur at any time and place, at the will of North Korea's highest leadership", North Korea's ambassador to China, Ji Jae Ryong, told reporters in Beijing on Monday, a day before the UN Security Council meets in NY to discuss the test.

North Korea wants to maximize its nuclear capabilities and open a path to dialogue with the it will be recognized as a nuclear power, according to one South Korean professor.

"Let this latest provocation serve as a call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against North Korea", said The White House in a statement.

North Korea is already subject to six resolutions aimed at restricting revenue and technology applicable to its nuclear and missile programs. For Pyongyang, this would mean a guarantee that the Kim regime survives and that its nuclear program can continue.