Residents encouraged to open up about mental health in Stevenage


Research conducted by the Mental Health Foundation shows that 70 per cent of women have experienced mental health problems and Edwards believes partaking in exercise can help overcome such issues.

Editor's note: This is the first part of a five-part series on mental health. Will I have to be on medication all of my life? Among the 20.2 million adults in the U.S. who experience a substance abuse disorder, 50.5 percent of them have a co-occurring mental illness.

On Saturday May 6, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Brazos Valley and Rock Prairie Behavioral Health partnered to host a Mayoral Proclamation event to declare May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

Unfortunately, stigma still exists around mental ill health and this can lead to delays in people seeking help and support.

At the launch society member Mark Montovio said he hoped the book would help people understand about mental health and emphasised the importance to helping young people deal with any issues. It's a long road and I know I'm not at the end yet but I am seeing a change in the way I am and the way I feel, and I'm determined to continue this journey and enjoy the life that I have with my awesome wife and wonderful children. But that was not an accurate picture of what it is really like to live with mental illness. Meditation and especially Mindfulness helps to bring you back to the present moment and has helped to remind me that whether low or high, every storm passes and things will eventually return to normal.

How do you know when you or someone else has gone too far?

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"If they've got mantras that help them to get through feeling anxious and perhaps achieve things or just build their courage - we welcome any things that people have discovered help them". Sometimes, though, people have a lack of understanding, and find it hard to put themselves in your shoes. I didn't interact with people, and came across as rude (Sarah later told me that she had to apologise for my behaviour a few times when her parents visited). But maybe men historically have been expected not to talk - and so it continues.

Matt's Advice:You are not alone, it can and will get easier.

If we build a movement around this vision, the next generation will be as comfortable getting treatment for bipolar disorder as they are for a sports injury.

"If you are experiencing a mental health problem like depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it is possible to feel a sense of unreality and removed from your day-to-day life", explains Lyus. With that in mind, the first week of May was recognized as Mental Health Week in Canada by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"We want people to see that It doesn't look a certain way, a lot of people walk around with mental illness", adds Kemi Brown, Siouxland Mental Health Center. You can freephone the Samaritans, any time, on 116 123.