President Trump: "Russia-Trump Collusion Story is a Total Hoax"


But she said she didn't know if the White House took steps to restrict Flynn's access to sensitive or classified information.

He also sought to undermine Yates by calling her "a strong supporter" of Trump's 2016 opponent, Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonSpicer: Flynn deserved "due process" in face of "political opponent" Yates" warnings Trump team plans to release video of Clinton's concession call Ingraham: Dems want to put Yates "on Mt. Rushmore' MORE.

Though Yates did not directly discuss evidence that proved Flynn had lied, Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance of Kislyak had picked up their exchange and showed the two discussed the sanctions, as the Washington Post reported on February 9. Flynn's conversations with Kislyak are believed to have been monitored as part of normal USA intelligence collections on the communications of foreign officials.

Russian Federation has repeatedly denied any meddling in the election and the Trump administration denies allegations of collusion with Russian Federation.

Spicer said he was not aware of security restrictions on Flynn in those 18 days. She said she was not.

Mr Flynn's links to Russian Federation are being scrutinised by the FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as part of wider investigations into claimsMoscow sought to tip the election in favour of Mr Trump, and into contacts between Russian Federation and members of the president's campaign team. He also asked Yates about whether Flynn could be criminally prosecuted. Flynn eventually resigned his post, nearly three weeks after Yates offered her warning.

She offered no details Tuesday about the content of that interview, but did reveal that she had rushed to the White House before the Federal Bureau of Investigation wrote up its report about the interview, known as a 302. He said then she informed the White House counsel's office that there were materials relevant to the situation involving Flynn. "And they both definitively said yes, it is".

During the hearing, Sen.

Tight-lipped, Yates declined to weigh in on the matter.

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Yates was sacked January 30 for refusing to back the travel ban that she said was unlawful.

Prior to her testimony, former Obama administration officials told multiple media outlets that President Obama directly warned President-elect Trump against hiring Flynn during their face-to-face meeting in November.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Obama had communicated concerns about Flynn. Around the same time, Politico reported that Obama personally warned Trump during the transition that Flynn was problematic.

President Trump walks across the South Lawn toward the White House. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for assurance that the president has no conflicts of interest with Moscow. Nor did they authorize anyone else to do so, they said. Later that day, at the White House, she told him there was a discrepancy between how administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, were characterizing Flynn's contacts with Kislyak and what intelligence officials knew to be true based on recordings of those calls.

After the hearing, Mr Trump tweeted: "The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?"

Whitehouse, the ranking member of the Senate subcommittee, suggested that the Trump administration had ignored Yates' information because they wanted to avoid damaging Trump's reputation.

Yesterday during a hearing on Capitol Hill, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates also revealed that Flynn was vulnerable to foreign blackmail.

"Sally Yates came here on the 26th of January", Spicer said. "We're the Department of Justice".