Popular Torrent Site ExtraTorrent Shuts Down out of the Blue


ExtraTorrent's homepage has this message, "ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline".

An Extratorrent operator SaM confirmed the decision to TorrentFreak.

Currently, in the internet world, torrent sites have been under a state of calamity. The missive then concludes with an expression of thanks to supporters and the torrent community.

ExtraTorrent has gone the way of Kickass Torrents and TorrentHound, shutting down permanently without any explanation as to why.

While it is pretty safe to assume that another website will crop up soon to take ExtraTorrent's place, the future of Torrents at large does not look very promising. After Extratorrent went down for emergency maintenance earlier this week, the site came back up briefly, only to eventually announce its permanent shutdown. Popular torrent site Torrentz.eu had voluntarily shut shop following the arrest of Artem Vaulin, and bid farewell to all its users.

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"ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently".

And just as we say this, one of the veteran sites in the torrenting scene, ExtraTorrent having launched in 2006 and surviving all these years seems to have shut down permanently.

As one of the major torrent site is shutting down, it will leave a gaping hole and millions of users will be working on finding a new domain.

How much of this is a result of legal pressure from governments and big-name studios - which claim to have lost billions in revenue over the years - remains to be seen, though it wouldn't be surprising if mounting legal pressure, which had already forced the site to make domain changes, was the ultimate cause. He further added that subsets Ettv and Ethd will also cease to operate unless they can "get enough donations to sustain the expenses". ETRG was considered the best media release group after the closure of YTS/YIFG. In fact, it was second only to The Pirate Bay in terms of visitors.

But the torrent community is still fighting despite the increasing pressure from the entertainment industry. Torrent websites are widely used for sharing of copyrighted content including music, movies and games illegally.