Police to check 'hate speech' of Portland racial slur train stabbing suspect


Muslims in Portland, Oregon, thanked the community for its support and said they were raising money for the families of two men who were killed when they came to the defence of two young women - one wearing a hijab - who were targeted by an anti-Muslim rant.

The attack occurred on a light-rail train on the first day of Ramadan, the holiest time of the year for Muslims.

'That people feel emboldened to come out and show their racism and bigotry in that way is horrifying to me, ' Christopher Douglas, who attended the memorial, said. Portland floats in a little bit of a bubble of its own liberal comfort, and I think the reality is sinking in'.

Another passenger was wounded before the attacker was arrested.

He will appear in court on Tuesday and police say they will look at what appears to be his extremist ideology. A phone at his home in Portland rang unanswered early Saturday. Best died at the scene while Meche passed away after being brought to the hospital.

After the attack, Namkai-Meche's mother spoke out on Facebook about her son's passing. "Shining bright star I love you forever", Meche's mother wrote on Facebook.

Namkai-Meche lived in Portland and was a recent graduate of Reed College who studied economics.

The mayor of Portland, Oregon hailed two locals as "heroes" late on Saturday after they lost their lives trying to prevent a man from harassing teenagers with an Islamophobic rant.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche was one two men who died in the attack.

A third man, 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher, is injured but expected to survive.

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The Portland Police Department said yesterday that Christian, 35, began shouting ethnic and religious slurs, unprovoked, at the two women, one of...

However, Loren Cannon, special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in OR, said on Saturday it was too early to tell whether the "violence was an act of domestic terrorism OR a federal hate crime".

One of the women was wearing a hijab veil and suspect Jeremy Christian is reported to have said "Muslims should die".

The Council on American-Islamic Relations blamed an increase in anti-Muslim incidents in part on President Donald Trump's focus on militant Islamist groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric, they said in a statement.

Police say the victims were trying to stop Christian from confronting the girls.

"Taliesin's life was lost in an act of selfless bravery that reflected the vast character and deep regard for others that his colleagues saw in him every day", Kline said in a statement. "That they've been killing Christians for years". "This is my safe place!" as protesters crowd around him.

In an April post, Christian called Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh a "TRUE PATRIOT!" "A review of the suspect's record with the Portland Police Bureau shows he is not flagged as a criminal gang member, nor does he have any known mental health history listed".

Kaplan said he remembers the case vividly because Christian was so young, so earnest and had never been in trouble before.

A man sitting behind them intervened, she said.

Buzzfeed has more stories and family statement for both victims, as well as Micah David-Cole Fletcher, who writes poems about social justice.