On first day back, Trump lashes out at "fake news media"


The criticisms, in a series of morning posts on Twitter, come as several U.S. news organisations have reported that the FBI's investigation into ties between Mr Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation is closely examining the role played by Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and close adviser.

Trump also could shake up his top White House staff, to present a better face to the public and advance his stalled legislative agenda in Congress.

Four months into his term, Trump has typically taken two questions from the US press after bilateral meetings at the White House.

A recent Politico report pointed out that the Trump administration is now having a hard time filling key positions in the Justice Department, as lawyers are steering clear of the poisonous legal atmosphere that surrounds the White House.

Trump's visit to the Middle East and Europe were widely perceived as diplomatic successes, but as he returns to the White House, his problems are mounting. Former US presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton took questions too.

Earlier in the trip, Trump fielded one or two shouted queries from reporters at events where no questions were supposed to be allowed - at least once with unfortunate results for the president.

Mr Trump stepped up to insist he had never said the word "Israel" in his talks with Russian officials - effectively confirming that nation as the source of the information.

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Trump's tweets came as the media reported that the White House was preparing to establish a "war room" to combat mounting questions about ties between Russian Federation and his presidential campaign. Previously, the highest-ranking figure to be subject of Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny was Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser whose ties to Mr Trump are far more recent and less personal than those of Mr Kushner.

Trump arrived back at the White House Saturday night.

"We have back-channel communications with a number of countries", Gen McMaster said when asked about the case of Mr Kushner.

With no scheduled events on Sunday, Trump was back on social media with a string of messages critical of the media.

After a week of respite from his domestic policy travails President Trump returned to the fray yesterday with a fresh attack on the "enemy" media after reports that he will restructure his administration to contain the growing crisis engulfing the White House.

Trump then criticized the media's use of unnamed sources saying that it was "possible that those sources don't exist".