Nintendo Reportedly Ramping Up Production Of Switch


The console sold 2.74 million units during the first month of launch.

Nintendo believes the Nintendo Switch will be as big as the extremely successful Nintendo Wii.

During a recent Nintendo Direct, a whole variety of games were both revealed and given official release dates. The Switch is still selling out within hours of reaching shelves. To prevent angry customers during the holidays. Within one week of its launch, Nintendo reported that the Switch sold more in that period than any other product in its history.

The 16-million target has been increased to 18 million units by March next year.

Earlier this month, it a Wall Street Journal report showed that The Legend of Zelda could soon be coming to Android and iOS devices later this year, right after the release of the delayed Animal Crossing. For example, Kazunori Ito-an analyst with Morningstar affiliate Ibbotson Association Japan-says "Nintendo's user base has expanded beyond the company's expectations partly thanks to Pokemon Go, which has made it hard for the company to predict demand even for traditional software such as Zelda and Mario Kart". The company needs to ensure that there are enough systems to play before the Super Mario Odyssey comes out. It seems that the firm is set to dial-up its production of the Nintendo Switch. Make no mistake, the Switch has the potential to be a big hit, but if Nintendo is plagued by component shortages, those will serve as a major roadblock to that success. It can be an equal mixture of two Switch units and two 3DS handhelds, or it can be three Switch units and one 3DS handheld or vice versa. The game has a cult-like following that reaches all across the globe so it wasn't particularly surprising that the game would inspire the very first special edition design for the Nintendo Switch. Some of these components are also used by smartphone vendors.

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The reporter also spoke with Toshiba, who said demand for the NAND flash memory technology "has been overwhelmingly greater than supply, and the situation is likely to stay for the rest of this year".

Nintendo will give a preview of the game in a couple of weeks at the annual E3 conference.

Demand for the Nintendo Switch is still remarkably high. Now if only the company could properly stock it.

Capcom's online store updated overnight with a slew of Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch merchandise. We doubt this will be the last of planned merchandise for the Nintendo Switch version of the game - what would you like to see Capcom release next? The new title has been designed for Switch. Now that A-list developers such as Electronic Arts have already come on board, those fears have alleviated.