Nighttime, early morning bombings in Baghdad kill 31


At least 37 people were wounded in that attack, he added.

Ahead of the May 18 strike, USA military officials tried to use a special channel with the Russians to ask them to tell the pro-regime forces to leave.

SUSANNAH GEORGE, Associated Press: In the aftermath of the bombings, there was a lot of anger.

Graphic content / Iraqis gather at the site of a auto bomb explosion near Baghdad's Al-Shuhada Bridge on May 30, 2017 which killed at least five people and wounded 17, security and medical officials said.There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack but the Islamic State group carries out frequent bombings targeting civilians in the Iraqi capital.

Last year, a large truck bombing in the same neighborhood in Karrada killed hundreds of people.

And, afterwards, Iraqi security officials pledged to revamp the security of the district of Baghdad. But the attacks have continued.

The territory, dotted with small villages and dusty roads, is home to key supply lines into neighboring Syria and connecting Iraq's north to the capital Baghdad. The Sunni extremists are increasingly turning to insurgency-style terror attacks to detract from their losses.

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Iraqi civilians and policemen mill at the site of bombing at Alfaqma ice cream shop in Karrada district, Baghdad, Iraq, 30 May 2017.

"When they issued this new instruction, it represented a dramatic change and shift from the guidance that they had been previously providing", said Lise Grande, the U.N.'s top humanitarian official in Iraq. In Iraq, thousands of civilians have been killed or wounded by USA -led and Iraqi air and artillery strikes on densely populated neighborhoods of Mosul and other cities and towns.

But aid groups are warning that that could be incredibly unsafe for the civilians who are trapped inside the Old City, as there are no safe passageways for them to exit.

But the Iraqi forces backed by Iran can not as yet link up with the Syrian Army and allied Iranian-backed militias in Syria, as Assad's forces have not as yet reached the Iraqi border from the Syrian side, despite concerted efforts in recent weeks.

Iraq's special forces launched a large-scale military offensive Sunday to retake the remaining neighborhoods under ISIS control in western Mosul. Iraqi authorities have said they are putting the protection of civilians ahead of their pre-stated goal of recapturing Mosul by the start of the holy month which was May 26.

Pentagon officials contend the primary mission of these groups is to take the fight to ISIS, although both groups have been associated with anti-regime efforts in the past, according to Jennifer Cafarella, a leading expert on the Syrian civil war at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, D.C. These groups are remnants of the New Syrian Army, a band of former Syrian army defectors, and the Free Syrian Army, a formerly Central Intelligence Agency backed anti-Assad force. What do you see, and what are people telling you? ISIS this year has carried out several attacks across the capital and killed dozens of people. "The presence of civilians means we have to be very cautious", he said, speaking on condition of anonymity, explaining the slow progress of the campaign.