NHS cyber attacks: Operations and appointments cancelled at some Yorkshire hospitals


To recap, on Friday many NHS hospitals across the United Kingdom were forced to shut down IT systems and telephones lines, and in some cases cancel operations and send patients home, after being struck by the ransomware attack, later identified to be a variant of Wanna Decryptor/WannaCry/WCry.

A cyber virus which caused turmoil within the NHS could have been much worse, a computer expert at the University of Sheffield has claimed.

Several hospitals and health facilities in the NHS network suffered internal chaos after being hit with a hacking technique known as ransomware, which also affected institutions in more than 100 countries.

SHANGHAI-"Hundreds of thousands" of Chinese computers at almost 30,000 institutions including government agencies have been hit by the global ransomware attack, a leading Chinese security-software provider has said, though the Asian impact has otherwise been relatively muted.

The attack has hit at least 150 countries since Friday and infected 200,000 machines, according to the European law enforcement agency Europol.

The insidious bug has crippled systems across the globe, prompting Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan to call for urgent action from local companies.

Scottish health secretary Shona Robison said: "Scottish Government health officials are now working closely with affected boards to assess the extent of the problem, and take steps to isolate affected systems, which have been affected by a ransomware cyber-attack of the kind which has also affected health trusts in NHS England".

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"They have been working I know through the night nearly to make sure patches are in place to make sure that hopefully the NHS services can get back to normal", Wallace told BBC Radio. It's high time that health services take protective measures, inlcuding updating the systems with the latest versions as well as imparting the right training and tools to workers to mitigate this vulnerability or overcome such attacks in the future.

It said in a statement: "NHS Digital issued a targeted update on a secure portal accessible to NHS staff on April 25, and then via a bulletin to more than 10,000 security and IT professionals on April 27 to alert them to this specific issue".

The ransomware attack has been described as the largest-ever of its kind.

In China today, the WannaCry virus affected traffic police and schools. The cyberattackers demanded payments of $300 or more from users to unlock their devices.

Later, he admitted that he wasn't aware registering the domain would halt the spread of the attack, which has seen him branded an as "accidental hero".

"We haven't ruled out that this is a state attack", said Bossert. "Computers that had not been updated with the Microsoft patch were vulnerable to attack".