New poll finds huge public support for Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto promises


In further bad news for the Labour leader, 42% said that the Conservatives are running the best General Election campaign so far, while only 20% think Corbyn's party has the edge.

The Tory leader received 49 per cent of the vote with Jeremy Corbyn appealing to 21 per cent of voters.

Today she will accuse the Labour Party of letting down their working-class voters, who are "proud and patriotic".

Jeremy Corbyn is "simply not up to the job" of being prime minister and a Labour government would result in economic chaos, Theresa May has said.

The Labour leader, who has previously made clear he would never authorise the use of Britain's nuclear weapons, said that if it ever were to emerge as a "real option" it would represent a "cataclysmic failure" by world leaders.

"That is why at this election, I am determined to offer every community a positive alternative to Jeremy Corbyn's nonsensical and incompetent Labour Party".

He said he supported military action "as a genuine last resort" but accused recent British and USA governments of "bomb first, talk later" policies. Corbyn said that he realized that military action may be necessary "as a last resort", but vowed to focus on defusing tensions.

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"It doesn't make me a pacifist".

The wonderful people of the North East of England won't be fooled by this farcical attempt by Theresa May to mask the damage her Tories have done to the lives of working people across the country.

"We will also improve engagement and dialogue with the devolved administrations and seek to ensure the final Brexit deal addresses specific concerns", the leaked document said.

In a major speech in London, Mr Corbyn said there would be "no more hand-holding" with President Trump if he was in Downing Street.

He added: "It's nonsense - we know he wants to scrap Trident, abandon our allies and would rather talk to Daesh than strike its barbaric leader".

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing critic of interventions in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, will say that the US-led "war on terror" which followed the 9/11 attacks of 2001 had failed to deliver security and that a new approach was needed.

Corbyn said he would take a different direction, calling the US -led "war on terror" a failure. It has not increased our security at home.