Neighbor: Man trying to kiss snake when it bit his tongue


A north Florida man had to be airlifted after a rattlesnake bit him on the tongue Tuesday.

Mr Goff said Mr Reinold and another man were being irresponsible by playing with the snake.

The snake was found by Charles Goff, a resident of Putnam County, in the north-east of the state, on Monday.

One of the men, Ron Reinold, apparently decided to make a romantic move on the snake.

"Ron was just acting silly, you know?" he said. Goff said. "I guess he said he could kiss the devil and get away with it, but evidently he didn't".

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"So the snake is still out there running around somewhere", he added.

A 911 operator told a witness who called that the men should "drop the snake" back onto the road.

Reinold was flown to UF Health in Jacksonville in critical condition, but according to his family he is now doing much better and is expected to survive even though he is hooked up to a feeing tube. He told Action News Jax that he left the snake alone and went to bed, intending to capture it the following day.

"He was handling it (the snake), it was calm". And don't kiss a rattlesnake because it will obviously bite you. However, the USDA suggests immediately seeking medical attention as soon as someone is bitten.