MP: As mother lay dead along railway track, baby tries to breastfeed


In a disturbing incident being reported from Madhya Pradesh, a young woman lay dead by railway tracks and her infant son latched on to her breast wailing, trying to feed.

The Hindustan Times report surmises that the woman must have fallen down from the train with the baby clutched tightly to her chest; because when the police finally found the 35-year-old's body, the baby was unhurt. It said her wounds suggest she fell on the back of her head and that a concussion and bleeding likely killed her, although not immediately.

When officers arrived, a report via the dailymail told of police observing a crowd around the dead woman and her crying 17 month infant baby.

The scene was filmed and posted on social media by a few people at the spot. Child welfare activists too were intimated about the same.

It is then they saw the tragic sight of her now orphaned child desperately clasping for his dead mother.

Marwai also said that she was injured but probably conscious.

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A search for the child's family is underway, he said. She opened a biscuit packet and gave some to the child.

When the child was separated from the mother, he wailed aloud.

Another layer was added to the unspeakable tragedy when the two were taken to a government hospital.

The child has since been sent to a children's home while his mother's body is undergoing an autopsy.

A ward boy by the name of Tarun Tiwari eventually made a decision to pay the fee for the infant. While officials are waiting to see if any family member or a relative gets in touch with them regarding the baby, the only thing they have that may help them identify the woman is her bag with the name Tikamgarh jewellery shop on it.