More Evidence That The New Apple Watch Will Monitor Glucose Levels


Apple CEO Tim Cook has been wearing a prototype glucose tracker that pairs with the Apple Watch, according to a report from CNBC.

Now more evidence has been revealed that supports the rumor that the new Apple Watch will have a glucose monitoring feature. Instead, we might be talking about a separate thing altogether, somehow "connected" to the main wearable and capable of continuously supervising the way your blood sugar "responds to foods you're eating" as you're ingesting them.

Cook was earlier spotted wearing a similar device during his recent visit to the University of Glasgow, wherein he had explained to the students why he was wearing the medical device connected to his Apple Watch.

Last month, CNBC reported that Apple has a 30-person team in Palo Alto quietly working on non-invasive and continuous glucose monitoring - something that would be welcomed by the millions of diabetes sufferers worldwide who now have to draw blood to get a glucose reading.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently isn't being too shy about his company's future hardware plans.

Wishing Apple Good Luck for its efforts.

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Considering this the company's work surrounding blood sugar levels will likely be an integrated device that lets the Watch avoid classifying itself as a medical device.

The source on the Apple campus told CNBC that Cook is indeed wearing a device and confirmed that it was an Apple prototype. Traditionally, diabetes patients have needed invasive tools to tell them what their glucose levels are.

Apple's interest in non-invasive glucose monitoring techniques could indeed pave the way for some breakthrough research in treating diabetes and other emerging challenges in life sciences.

Apple does not typically comment on rumours such as this one.

Still, there was no word from CNBC's sources on whether Apple might release a glucose tracker and when that could happen.