Mom of boy who killed himself vows he 'will be heard'


This Friday, May 12, 2017, photo shows the Carson School, an elementary school in Cincinnati.

On January 26, two days after the altercation, Taye hung himself with a necktie from his bunk bed. There was no mention of what happened in the bathroom, Branch told CNN. They said it shows a boy acting aggressively toward students outside a school bathroom. The boy then jumps in the face of another student in a "menacing manner". The two boys appear to shake hands before Taye ends up on floor.

Cincinnati Public Schools released a statement on Thursday confirming that Gabriel had been found "motionless" but said that the events of the video had been "mischaracterized". The mother's attorneys say he pushed Gabriel into a wall, knocking him unconscious.

Two days later, Gabriel took his own life. That afternoon, the boy's mother found him dead in his bedroom.

Amy Henson's daughter attends the same school as Gabriel.

According to Reynolds' attorney Jennifer Branch, that video depicts an attack on Taye: After he extended his hand to the second boy, she said, that boy beat him so severely he lost consciousness. They believe it could have led to the boy's death.

As for the school, they claim that they opted to release the surveillance tape in the interest of transparency.

Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco told Cincinnati radio station WLW on Thursday that she asked police for a full investigation to determine whether there were contributing factors to Gabriel's suicide, WXIX-TV reported.

Other parents say their kids have also been bullied at the school. Cincinnati Public School District released video of the encounter Friday afternoon. "We have uploaded the video, in its entirety, blurring our faces of the students who appear to protect their privacy".

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The school spokeswoman said administrators weren't aware of the recording until days later when the detective investigating Gabriel's suicide requested surveillance videos from security officials. "She also contacted Gabriel's mother and asked her to pick him up and take him to the hospital to be checked out", the district said in its statement.

The boy's mother has accused the school of covering up the January 24 attack. "Mom is called, and she's told that he fainted", said Branch. Henson says school officials sent a note home with students after his death, saying a child had died in an accident and counselors would be available for their children. A coroner has asked Cincinnati police to treat the suicide "as a homicide until proven otherwise". "I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault but due to the apparent age of the children involved, my current opinion is it could be better dealt with appropriately at the school level". Thirteen deaths were recorded for 2016 and seven so far this year.

But because the mother didn't know what happened, the doctor at the hospital didn't either, which changed the nature of the medical examination, she said.

They said they put it out to counter the narrative that Karaguleff was putting forth. "Covering it up and pretending it's not happening isn't doing anyone any good".

Gabriel only disclosed to his mother that his stomach was hurting.

Leader, the family's other attorney, said Gabriel had no history of mental health issues and described him as a happy-go-lucky kid. Teachers described him as a positive, neat, well-spoken and behaved student. New information from a reopened coroner's investigation could go into that section.

On the day of the assault, his mother Cornelia Reynolds had no idea of what really happened to her son. Gabriel's mother took him home, where he began to become nauseous and vomited twice. "Later that night he was nauseous and had fainted and thrown up a couple of times and she took him to the hospital".

"I guess he didn't know how to tell me stuff was happening", Reynolds said. "If I could, I would give anything to have him back". "That was his way". I am my sons voice and it will be heard. Reynolds continued. "He just didn't know how to tell me".