Microsoft could have stopped WannaCry ransomware from spreading, but it did nothing


Though clients are partly to be blamed for not upgrading their systems, Microsoft could have behaved more responsibly, as it had full knowledge of the severity of the security loophole and its global impact.

He added: "That's why we're seeing these numbers increasing all the time". "One can imagine the equivalent scenario with conventional weapons, if a few missiles "Tomahawk" had been stolen from the U.S. army", Smith said.

NHS England said that, as of 3pm on Monday, two hospitals remained on divert following the attack, down from seven on Sunday. But thanks to a level-headed response by the security chiefs in the company, it will be able to recover soon, as they released the software patch free of cost to all the older Windows OS-powered PCs around the world and stopped the WannaCry ransomware from spreading further. "Otherwise they're literally fighting the problems of the present with tools from the past". The company said the virus has been localized and "technical work is underway to destroy it and update the antivirus protection".

Dame Fiona and the Care Quality Commission wrote to Mr Hunt to highlight a "lack of understanding of security issues", the newspaper said, and that "the external cyber threat is becoming a bigger consideration".

Theresa May rejected claims that the Government ignored warnings that the NHS was vulnerable to a possible cyber attack, saying alerts had been given to hospital trusts.

Following a meeting of the Government's Cobra contingencies committee, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said more than a million patients had been treated in the course of Monday.

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Finally, Wainwright praised the work of banks in defending themselves against cybercrime after confirming that "very few banks in Europe, if any, have been affected by this attack, because they have learned from the painful experience of being the number one objective" of this type of computer attacks.

The spokesman played down suggestions the NHS was placed at additional risk because of its use of Windows XP.

Telefónica: Spanish authorities confirmed the Spanish telecom company Telefónica was one of the targets, though the attack affected only some computers and did not compromise the security of clients' information.

The ransomware virus has partially affected the computer system of Maharashtra police and some institutions in the state, PTI reported today.

A photo taken on May 15, 2017 shows staff monitoring the spread of ransomware cyber-attacks at the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) in Seoul.