Mercedes-Benz to bring batteries to the United States


As part of the partnership, Mercedes will introduce its at-home battery to the U.S. market for the first time, while Vivint will provide solar-panel installation.

Vivint Solar is one of the three largest residential solar installers in the US, though it trails SolarCity, which Tesla acquired late past year.

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"The choice to work with Mercedes-Benz Energy, a world-class innovator in energy storage, was an easy one", David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar of Lehi, said in a news release. It has produced residential batteries in Germany and started an interesting project in late 2015 reusing old electric vehicle batteries for grid-tied storage.

Vivint Solar is a company that deals in solar power setups so it's going to sell customers the required panels as well.

Mercedes has been selling the batteries in Europe and South Africa this year, but its partnership with Vivint, announced Thursday, represents its entrance into the US market. Powerwall units are able to store enough solar energy to continue keeping homes lit up and Tesla vehicles charged when sunshine goes away. Homeowners will have the same backup capacity as in the USA, and commercial customers are being given access to more power storage. The company handles everything from assessment, design, permitting, installation and activation.

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As for keeping energy costs down, Vivint Solar will help customers better manage their consumption.

Now that A to Z process will also include storage. The systems are made up of 2.5-kilowatt-hour batteries - each the size of a mini-fridge - that can be combined in systems up to 20 kilowatt hours. The complete 20kWh system will cost $13,000. The modular battery systems allows the homeowner to customize energy storage depending on how much energy is being captured and used.

"We're looking at. the whole ecosystem that a future electric vehicle driver will experience", he said. Homeowners who have rooftop solar panels - or want to get them - would also benefit by having round-the-clock renewable energy. For Vivint and Mercedes, what sets them apart is their consistency and dependability. "You know that no matter what happens the company will still be there and there will be the tech to support it and service it", Bormann said. "The customer will know that the Vivint brand and the Mercedes brand will be there", Bormann said.

Tesla is looking to improve solar adoption by offering more aesthetically appealing solar shingles, which the company began selling this month.

The batteries are already in use overseas, and are manufactured at a Daimler factory in Germany. The batteries are covered under a 10-year warranty. And although Mercedes is mainly a luxury brand in the United States, offering a home power system allows the company to tie itself to environmentally friendly cars in general, and to position itself as being "not just about the vehicle but the entire infrastructure that supports the auto", Brauer said.