Melissa McCarthy's Sean 'Spicey' Spicer Takes To The Streets Of NYC


On Friday morning, some lucky NY commuters spotted Melissa McCarthy dressed as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who she frequently plays on Saturday Night Live, zooming around the city's streets on the moving podium that's made an appearance in several of her cameos.

This week's host for Saturday Night Live is none other than Melissa McCarthy, and the teases for her appearance on the show are setting up for a big show. McCarthy's presence on the streets was captured by many eager locals, as seen below.

No telling what McCarthy and SNL has planned for the content of the weekend's skits as the press secretary definitely gave them enough fresh source material to work with.

No, seriously: she was riding a motorized podium, surrounded by moving cars, yelling at folks to get out of the way as she motored through.

Sean Spicer isn't beating around the bush anymore.

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She addressed the "rocky start" that Spicer and the press had: "When I say rocky start, I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie. Melissa McCarthy owns him in a way that only the best impressions can".

In a one-minute teaser, McCarthy lip-syncs to "I Feel Pretty", from the musical "West Side Story". She will be the show's host. Image via YouTube.comPress secretary Sean Spicer will again be object of satire - with video evidence coming from the streets of NY, where McCarthy-as-Spicer was seen driving her motorized lectern.

CNN's Brian Stelter noted the show was filming outside the network's building.

Like the two previous episodes of "Saturday Night Live", the May 13 episode will feature "SNL's" new live coast-to-coast format where the episodes air live across all time zones.