Melania Trump's video of brushing away Donald Trump's hand goes viral


As news crews from around the globe documented the couple's walk from Air Force One, Donald Trump reached back to offer his wife his hand.

However, the first lady was too quick for the president, and pulled her hand away before he had a chance to get his on it.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive in Italy.

Walking across the tarmac with the Trumps was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, who were showing their affections by holding hands.

Last month Melania nudged her husband while he was daydreaming during his first Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

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On the other hand, conservative media outlets like Gateway Pundit and Breitbart shed a different light on the viral video that showed Melania slapping away her husband's extended hand.

Paolo Zampolli, Melania's friend and former modeling agent, said she does all this because she "loves the president unconditionally" and is protective of him.

As they stood at the top of the stairs, Trump reached down to grab Melania's hand.

Rumors are abound that first lady Melania Trump is growing more and more frustrated with President husband Donald Trump.

The US president then asked "what is the protocol?" and the prime minister responded, "who knows?".