May says United Kingdom prepared to 'walk out' of Brexit talks


Around 11,130 tweets were sent per minute as she told the presenter: "What I'll be doing is being a difficult woman and ensuring that we're negotiating hard". She had the audience laughing at her seven times during that interchange.

"As always with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, the shambles and the responsibility would be theirs but the consequences and the bill would be ours".

A source in Corbyn's team refused to rule out him stepping up to the Labour podium in Cambridge, repeating "we are not saying" when questioned if it would be the party leader.

Corbyn eschewed numerous sound bites that characterize this form of politicking, disarming a studio audience with humor and making strides in erasing a public image as a tense far-left campaigner who has trouble connecting with the concerns of working-class voters.

Corbynistas always maintained the more the public saw of the Labour leader, the greater his support would become.

Responding to a question about independence on BBC Scotland's Ask The Leader programme, the Scottish Labour leader said: "I think it's very easy and clear to go and look this up in the Labour manifesto on our website".

"I like Theresa May, I don't like that Mr Corbyn", was echoed on different doorsteps.

But there was another dynamic at play too.

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Commenting on last night's TV debate, she said: "Jeremy Corbyn's aides may have put him in a smart suit for TV last night but he will be "alone and naked" in the European Union negotiating chamber".

Even on national security, brought to prominence by the appalling events in Manchester, Corbyn has quickly established a position of reversing cuts to emergency services and the police and changing foreign policy in a way that "reduces the threat to the country".

She will also present the Conservatives as the best party to defend Britain's sovereignty during the negotiations, and to push down immigration numbers - the two key concerns for most pro-Brexit voters, including those in traditional Labour areas. But he added that he is "giving it everything I can to win this election". And perhaps that's the case for the parties more broadly.

"I suspect they may do it". You don't have to agree with all, or indeed any, of Trump's or Corbyn's policy pledges, but they are much memorable than those of their opponents.

And the question they want to plant in swithering voters' minds?

And as was seen in the Brexit campaign and Trump's victory, politicians in power have an often thankless task in fighting to preserve the status quo at a time when millions feel the system just isn't working for them or their loved ones.

Jeremy Corbyn's confusion today provides more fuel for the Tory argument that only Mrs May is capable of the complexities.

The renewal of Trident was "a conference decision by the Labour Party and as the leader of the party I accept the democracy of our party", the leader added.