Macron's French 'revolution' faces first test


President Donald Trump has called French President-elect Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him.

The election was not close. The vote - 66% for centrist Macron to 34% for Le Pen - proved a stronger victory than many analysts and polls had projected.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker put it bluntly: "With France, we have a particular problem ..."

"Happy that the French chose a European future". This could give the National Front a significant increase on the two seats the party now holds.

Asked about the impact of Mr Macron's victory on Brexit, the Prime Minister said: "He has been elected with a very strong mandate, we must make sure that in the United Kingdom we also have a strong mandate to take a strong position into the negotiating table".

For the first time, none of France's traditional parties were represented in the final vote. The incumbent President Hollande was so unpopular; he couldn't even run for a second term. Although exact numbers were hard to come by, one thing was clear - the crowd of socialists, labor unionist and activists were anxious that Macron's free-market policies will further hurt the already suffering French worker. Although En Marche! insisted that real internal communications had been mixed in with fake ones to "create confusion", there were fear it could derail his campaign - similar to hacks on the Democratic National Convention and the emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta past year, which proved highly damaging to Clinton's chances.

Thousands took to the streets of Paris to demonstrate against the new French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris today.

The centrist former banker is set to become France's youngest ever president, aged 39, after defeating Ms Le Pen, however he faces tough battle to secure a majority in the assembly.

Meanwhile, as part of the continuing changes in French politics, top Socialist Hamon announced that he will launch new leftwing movement.

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However, he will need to build support in the French legislature where his movement now has no representation.

Macron served as economy minister in a Socialist government under Valls, but left to make his successful bid for president at the head of his own start-up party.

"The situation is too serious for sectarianism and to be partisan", he said, later adding that Macron's victory was positive for France.

The vote brought to an end one of France's most divisive presidential campaigns.

Macron's defeated presidential rival Marine Le Pen has also signalled a need to adapt. But, she promised to continue efforts to get voters to fight globalization and an open immigration policy.

Indeed, the abstention rate in its variety attracted more support than Le Pen, leading Melenchon to comment that she had come third in a two-horse race.

Le Pen has now pledged to "profoundly renew" the FN, so as "to meet the expectations of the French people". During the campaign she stepped down as party leader in an effort to increase her appeal.

"He carries the hopes of millions of French people, and of many people in Germany and the whole of Europe", the German chancellor told a press conference. Hai Do was the editor.

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