Len McCluskey 'confident' that opinion polls will start to turn for Labour


Prime Minister Theresa May called the snap vote, citing the need to strengthen her hand for Brexit talks, and polls show her Conservatives handing Labour its worst defeat since at least 1983.

Mr Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich East, said families were facing increases in food and energy bills under the Tories. However, let's be clear - what we will be putting over is the type of leader Jeremy will be, and people will respect him, I think.

She told BBC Radio Scotland: "I hope he is wrong, I want to see a Labour government across the whole of the United Kingdom, that's what I'm spending every waking moment of my day campaigning for".

I'm very proud of our manifesto for the many not the few.

Ms Dugdale was speaking ahead of a major campaign speech in Glasgow, where she will appeal to voters in Scotland who backed remaining in the European Union and the UK.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, said reported comments that Labour will have had a successful election if it wins 200 seats were taken out of context.

The Unite leader suggested winning 200 seats - almost 30 fewer than in 2015 - would be a "successful" result for United Kingdom leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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A number of former Labour MPs standing for re-election have spoken publicly about the negative reaction Mr Corbyn gets on the doorstep.

Seven out of ten of the most popular posts on Facebook and Twitter attacked the Labour party leader, the Labour manifesto or a member of the proposed Labour cabinet.

Ms Dugdale added that "in places like East Lothian, Midlothian and Inverclyde, Labour beat the SNP at the council elections, with the Tories a distant third" and said in constituencies such as East Renfrewshire and Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, Labour were best-placed to oust the nationalists.

"Our country will only work for the many not the few if opportunity is in the hands of the many".

- Scottish Labour (@scottishlabour) May 17, 2017KD: With Labour, you can oppose independence and support a huge programme of investment in public services. McCluskey's initial prediction of 200 seats for Labour would suggest a Tory majority in the Commons of about 80.

During an interview at a General Election campaign event in Derby, Mr McDonnell said the party's choice of seats to campaign in was not based on Labour candidates wanting to distance themselves from Mr Corbyn.