Leaked iPhone 8 Images Show Fingerprint Scanner Built In Screen


He also said that production output will also be scaled back, as reported by Apple Insider. Judging by video, iPhone 8 will embody a footprint not much larger than the iPhone 7 yet slightly smaller in both width and height than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Want more iPhone 8 news? According to EDN, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC confirmed the news to them.

Furthermore, it is assumed that iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge OLED display along with this it will have a glass chassis and re-designed steel. Here is everything we so far know about the purported iPhone 8. However, Geskin says this is not the case and is actually an indicator for where the Apple logo will be (the details are skimmed over in the same way the FCC text is not drawn in).

If true, news of Apple's on-screen fingerprint recognition solution will come as a relief to watchers tracking the development of Apple's "tenth anniversary" edition iPhone.

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Towards the top are what may be the front camera of the device, sensors, and earpiece. Apple has found a way to embed its fingerprint scanner and home button functions underneath its front screen. This will be a new challenge for app developers. Apple is expected to pair the iPhone 8 release with an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus refresh. The optical fingerprint sensor will enable authentication directly on the screen. In fact, the iPhone 8 might not even look like a regular iPhone, because it will not have the same shape like the previous models.

Apple has placed restrictions on employees taking time off from September 17 through November 4, meaning a late September launch is likely as more employees will be on hand to help the project move as smoothly as possible.

According to Kuo, wireless charging would make the iPhone 8 very attractive for lower-end of the smartphone market.

Newly leaked images are fueling speculation that Apple may be on course to bring its Touch ID fingerprint scanning system into the display of the next iPhone.