Iran accuses US of "Iranophobia", arming "dangerous terrorists"


The US should drop its "hostile" policies towards Iran, the country's re-elected President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday. "Know that while there is a technical need to conduct missile tests, we will do so and we will ask the permission of no one", Rouhani told reporters in Tehran.

The result means reformists can replace Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, who had been a presidential candidate before withdrawing to support hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi. When they attacked Iraq, they made a mistake.

In comments on Monday, Bahram Qassemi strongly criticized the new USA administration for its "deceitful stances, interfering remarks, and destructive and provocative measures", one day after Trump accused Iran of stoking the fires of sectarian conflict and terror during a trip to Riyadh.

Asked about the possibility of direct talks with the U.S. over the mutual issues, the Iranian President said that "we are waiting for the USA new administration to settle, so that we could have accurate view about the ruling group in Washington".

Also, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Saturday that he hopes the re-election of Rouhani would prompt changes to Tehran's approach to "terrorism and human rights".

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Speaking before Arab leaders in Riyadh on Sunday, Trump urged unity in efforts to control the spread of Iranian influence.

"Those who have fought terrorists are the Syrian and Iraqi people".

"The American people have not forgotten the blood spilt on September 11".

Rouhani broke the taboo of holding direct talks with the United States and reached the deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in return for relief from economic sanctions.

The US and its Arab allies have repeatedly accused Iran of funding, training and supporting groups like Lebanon's Hizballah, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and opposition forces in Bahrain, among others.