'Handmaid' wins 2nd season as Hulu unveils live-TV option


Hillary Clinton cited a phrase from The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood's dystopian feminist novel, during a Tuesday evening speech at Planned Parenthood's 100th anniversary celebration. This means that the second season - and any season after that - ventures into uncharted territory.

"The response we've seen to The Handmaid's Tale in just one week since its premiere has been absolutely incredible", said Hulu's Head of Content Craig Erwich in a statement released to the media.

"I really enjoy working, you know, on streaming outlets because there's so much creative control for the creators of the shows, and you know, you're allowed to make such great television", she said of working on both Hulu and Netflix.

The part is a plum one for Moss, who reaped six Emmy bids for her role as Peggy Olsen on "Mad Men". That's okay, though. We're all excited for our own various reasons. She just wanted a child.

That said, there's no reason that racism (and a racist Republic of Gilead) can't be explored in other ways on the show. Specifically, in the second episode after Janine has her baby, we can see the pain she is feeling by connecting with a baby who is going to be taken away from her in a couple of days. Now, Ofglen #2 is a black woman. Episode 4 picks up with Offred experiencing a solitary-confinement style shell-shock after being imprisoned in her room for two weeks straight.

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There's also the element of feminism not being a monolith to explore.

Overall, The Handmaid's Tale provides an interesting, and sometimes eerie, glimpse into the current political scene in the United States as it mirrors life before and after the dramatic presidential election of 2016.

After a brief stay in hibernation after her Presidential defeat last November, Clinton has been out-and-about hiking, heading to the theatre, giving us a pep-talk, and making some pretty bad-ass speeches. She's a woman of faith.

"She is one of the oppressors as well as suffering herself in this society", the actress continues, adding that Serena Joy is also deeply saddened by the fact that she can't get pregnant and provide her husband and society with a newborn. It's a pointed critique of patriarchal regulations placed on women's bodies, an exploration of the societal pressures that fester into harmful female relationships, and the cost of progress.