Grassley Seeks Copies of Reported Comey Memos and Possible Trump Tapes


Last week, Senator Grassley had downplayed concerns about Comey's firing, telling those anxious to "suck it up".

We did see freshman Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., who has been tweeting up a storm, calling for a full investigation of Comey's firing and now the scandal reportedly involving Israeli intelligence we gave to Russian Federation.

Some Republicans are calling for an independent investigation and one even mentioned impeachment.

The controversy spooked investors, but Trump delivered a defiant message, complaining during a speech that he was being treated more unfairly than any other politician ever.

The tumult in Washington has deepened over allegations Trump had sought to end the FBI's investigation into ties between Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and Russian Federation.

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan insisted that Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, were not seeing their legislative agenda mired, but the controversy enveloped Washington.

A separate letter, addressed to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, sought notes or memos written by Comey about conversations he had with senior White House and Department of Justice officials related to the Russian Federation investigation.

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Ongoing investigations include a probe of possible Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 election.

Democratic Senator Mark Warren told USA media he believed "the American people will get a chance to hear from Comey shortly".

"Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media. And the more righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face". "Never, ever, give up". Moscow has denied United States intelligence agencies' conclusion it meddled in the campaign to try to tilt the election in Trump's favor.

In an audio-only press gaggle, Spicer took questions about the White House's denial of Comey's account, as well as the fact that multiple Congressional committees are asking the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director to give testimony. Ryan backed Chaffetz's request. Former Justice Department prosecutor Beth Wilkinson of Wilkinson Walsh & Eskovitz said the president's previous litigation conduct may discourage defense lawyers from taking his case.

Addressing the Comey memo, GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas said: "If Comey felt like the president was trying to obstruct justice, Comey would have been duty-bound to report it to the DOJ and act on it".

"But everybody gets a fair trial in this country", he added. "I hope you can let this go". White House counsel represent the institution of the presidency, not Donald Trump himself, much as corporate general counsel represent their company and not CEOs. A small number of Democrats also have mentioned impeachment.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, said simply, "It would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the White House". Behre and other lawyers said an experienced adviser would begin by explaining the legal consequences of President Trump's freewheeling statements and tweets.