Governor Mark Dayton signs Real ID measure into law


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) praised Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton for his actions against SF 1937, a measure that would have removed solar customers' ability to have fees reviewed by independent experts at the Public Utilities Commission.

Officials say its passage allows the state to get an extension for using standard driver's licenses until October 2020.

Immigration Activists like Ma Elena Gutierrez have been fighting for Real ID's for almost 5-years.

Even as that long-standing dispute finally moved toward resolution at the State Capitol, Dayton and Republican legislative leaders remained unable to come to terms on a two-year state spending plan.

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They have been trading offers to resolve a $1 billion budget gap and how much to offer in tax breaks.

Minnesota was the final holdout in meeting stricter federal ID standards after lawmakers struggled for years to pass a bill.

Minnesotans will only have to get a new license when your current license expires. Republicans argued that the state should strengthen a rule that now prohibits licenses for people in the country illegally, while DFLers including Dayton said that shouldn't be part of the Real ID debate. For Dayton, it means expanding a prized preschool program to more schools while sending extra funding to help an overburdened court system and boost state government's cybersecurity efforts. The Real ID Act, passed in 2005 as response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, required increased proof of identification to enter federal buildings, military bases and board an airplane. A separate "enhanced" license, which is available now at an added cost, is accepted for air travel and at federal facilities, and can be used for travel between the US and Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries. If they don't get it done by midnight Sunday, there will have to be a special session.

"I feel like, okay we did a good job, because we made many phone calls". Dayton is a popular second term governor, while GOP lawmakers point to the 2016 election results that saw Republicans take control of the Senate and pick up House seats.