Google blocks fast-moving fake Google Docs scam


In a tweet, Google said it is investigating a phishing email that appears as Google Docs. There are chances that the document sent by the contact is not an actual doc but a scam to take control of your email account and steal your personal data.

Do these satellite images prove North Korea is about to carry out another nuclear test? Granting permissions to the malicious third-party app also allows the message to automatically be sent on to other contacts.

Millions of Gmail users are thought to have been targeted in a major phishing attack spread via emails from genuine friends and acquaintances. Users who click on the link and follow through with the process should go to Google's account permissions to deny access.

In case you click on the link, it would give the keys to your entire Gmail account to the hacker running the phishing campaign. The email could be from a stranger, a colleague or a friend, but it's addressed to a contact that boasts a whole string of H's in its name. Enough people, in fact, that the hashtag #PhishingScam began trending on Twitter and email inboxes clogged with almost as many warnings about the scam as instances of the scam itself.

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Google says it's disabled the accounts sending out a convincing fake Google Docs invitation in a widespread phishing scam that hit inboxes around the world yesterday.

He added that hackers had also pointed some users to another site, since taken down, that sought to capture their passwords. We protected users from this attack through a combination of automatic and manual actions, including removing the fake pages and applications, and pushing updates through Safe Browsing, Gmail, and other anti-abuse systems.

Google said it acted within one hour of the scam's appearance, but a lot of damage was done in that first hour.

"We encourage you to not click through and report as phishing within Gmail".