Google adds a personal button to its search engine


The trade-off is worth it, many people will argue. Google acknowledges that it will keep all this information private, but it doesn't stop the company from using the data in audience segments to build out targeting options.

Google is taking personalized search a step further with a new "Personal" tab which has been recently rolled out in search results. So if you're already letting Google aggregate your data, you should know that Google Search now puts this particular skill to good use for you.

Now, after searching for a topic, you can scroll through the carousel of tabs to find one marked "Personal".

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Google continually experiments with search and advertising features on its engine and across its network of sites. That's right, that's the menu where you'll find the More option. But now users will be able to draw details from their own life, from a new tab, "Personal". Google Drive support isn't included, The Independent notes, but it's possible that it'll show up in the future.

"The Personal tab works similarly to the way the existing Maps, News, or Images tabs work - instead of showing you a search for links, it just takes the entered search terms and shows you results from your Google accounts instead". It appears that Google plans to make it available to users in a phased-manner. The feature is making the rounds for anyone with a personal Google account while doing searches signed in.

The Personal tab will include photos of Chiang Mai or Gmail messages that contain the words "Chiang Mai".