G7 leaders turn gaze to Africa, climate harmony elusive


Where does the Trump administration stand on the agreement? Missing in many of those debates, though, are the broad political and economic ramifications of backing out of the agreement. Experts are anticipating that some European parties at the G7 will try to get the U.S.to affirm its commitment to the deal at the summit.

When it comes to climate change, European and American attitudes differ sharply.

"China and the United States should continue to join hands on climate change, cooperation at the state and local level, or within the private sector should be strengthened". "Look as you know from the US there's very strong views on both sides".

The polls clearly show that concern for the environment and the transition to a low carbon economy is now mainstream and rightly viewed as plain common sense.

In a bilateral meeting with Trump on Thursday in Brussels, French President Emmanuel Macron said fighting terrorism and respecting the Paris Climate Agreement were at the top of the agenda. On the other, a G7 that reaffirms Paris goals would demonstrate that the rest of the world won't be dragged down by America's new president.

Comments by President Trump on Germany's trade surplus with the United States are getting attention as leaders of seven wealthy democracies gather for hard talks on trade and climate change.

Richard Black, Director of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit who commissioned today's research says: "In the post-EU referendum context we're hearing a lot about the "will of the people" for Brexit - but interestingly, some of the individuals ploughing that furrow most strongly are also those calling for Britain to pull out of the Paris Agreement and scrap the Climate Change Act". This will be particularly acute when it comes to USA relations with China. The United States is still the major polluter in the G7, at 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to self-reported data to the United Nations, and second in the world only to China.

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USA sources were the first to reveal the identity of the suspected suicide bomber, leading to concern that police efforts to hunt down his associates could be impacted. One of the problems we have in government is we let one person have so much power that he could do something that could cost 6 million jobs and nobody gets to vote on it-I think that's outrageous.

Hosts Italy hope the luxurious, relaxed surroundings will give the rich-nation leaders a rare chance for wide-ranging debate on an array of worldwide issues, including Syria, North Korea and the global economy. "It is no secret that the leaders meeting sometimes have different positions on topics such as climate change and trade".

Kushner has drawn increased scrutiny in recent months, as reports have showed that he met with a representative of a Russian bank under us sanctions prior to Trump's inauguration and failed to disclose the meeting.

But discussions on that subject also hit stalemate because of differences with the United States at what European Union president Donald Tusk called "the most challenging G7 summit in years".

Finally, withdrawal is bad for USA economy.

European and Asian renewables markets are huge and growing and represent natural consumer bases for US technology. On the one hand, Trump's resistance may force the G7 to downgrade its climate ambitions and show how U.S. denial is already taking its toll on the global stage. Thousands upon thousands of firms are ensconced in efforts to change their business plans and energy use to be competitive in what is broadly believed to be an inevitable and irreversible trend toward "de-carbonization" of the economy. Whether the two leaders will discuss their profound differences over defence spending and climate change is not known. Instead of pulling out, the administration should redefine its commitment.

Top Trump administration officials have clashed over whether the USA should formally remain a party to the pact signed in December 2015, with environmental chief Scott Pruitt and top strategist Steve Bannon pushing for a pullout.