Fallout over Comey memo, Trump's intel disclosures persists


That came hours after The New York Times reported on a memo authored by Comey that said Trump asked the then-FBI director end his investigation into Flynn.

If true, it could mean devastating consequences for the president, said Gergen, who served under Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, both of whom faced the impeachment process. "We need the facts", Ryan said.

"Political punters are wondering how many more scandals can Trump overcome", Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said in a statement released on Wednesday, as controversy has reached a fevered pitch for the Trump administration. "That is what Congress does in conducting oversight of the executive branch", he said.

POLITICO: Trump's handling of classified info brings new chaos to White House - "In a span of 24 hours last week, President Trump startled his senior aides by firing the FBI director investigating his campaign's Russian ties and allegedly disclosing highly classified information to Russian officials in a free-wheeling Oval Office conversation".

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., also argued an independent commission would have the resources necessary to fully investigate the president's actions. After a day that can only be described as the latest worst day of Trump's presidency, overworked and stressed White House staff may finally be realizing that it's unlikely anything is going to be changing, if for only one reason: It's impossible to prepare for the next catastrophe when there's just no telling how many stupid things the president has done.

Putin mocked the idea that Trump went off-script to share secrets with the Russians, saying he could issue a "reprimand" to Lavrov since the minister hadn't passed on the information. Yet U.S. allies and some members of Congress have expressed alarm.

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Also Tuesday, in an extraordinary turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to turn over to Congress records of Trump's discussions with the diplomats. He dismissed outrage over Trump's disclosures as US politicians whipping up "anti-Russian sentiment". What the agencies have yet to formally agree on, however, is whether Russian officials working for Putin were attacking the election to sway the vote in favor of Trump, or whether his campaign was involved in any form of collusion with a foreign network. On Tuesday night, Fox News host Bret Baier told viewers that while they were trying to get someone from the administration (or even outside the administration) to go on camera to comment on the Comey memo, they couldn't find any.

Ryan said that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has "appropriately" requested the Comey memo. Amash told reporters Wednesday that he thinks "it's pretty clear" that he has more confidence in Comey than he has in Trump, according to Marcos.

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss committee matters.

Ross Douthat, a conservative columnist for the New York Times and longtime critic of Trump, wrote that while Trump may not be guilty of the "high crimes and misdemeanors" necessary for impeachment, he had shown himself incapable of governing the country. It is part of a paper trail Comey created documenting what he believed to be improper efforts to influence the investigation. Flynn was forced to resign on February 13 amid questions over his contact with the Russian ambassador to the United States and discussions of USA sanctions.

When Trump fired Comey, he said he did so based on Comey's very public handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe and how it affected his leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.