Destiny 2 shown off at last and single player looks fantastic


Another interesting detail: Destiny 2 for PC will be sold via Blizzard's instead of Steam. This is a game that is best played with friends, and if all your friends are on Xbox while you're on PC-well, you need better friends. If you missed the livestream, don't worry - we have you covered, we've posted the link to it and all the trailers below. However, PC players might need more patience in waiting as it looks like PC release of "Destiny 2 " will be delayed. One such notable features was in-game matchmaking for major events like the Trials of Osiris, Nightfall, and raids.

Destiny 2 is also the first in the franchise to be released on PC.

Yesterday the folks at Bungie announced Destiny 2, the sequel to Destiny that was released several years ago.

First up, there's the good: Destiny 2 on PC will support many things that PC gamers want, including 4K resolution and an uncapped frame rate.

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Mark Noteworthy of Bungie, was asked about Destiny 2 on the Nintendo Switch and although he did not deny the possibility, he said that it is something that they will still have to think about. However, Bungie will continue to maintain its own game servers, its own customer service etc.

For all the red flag holdovers from Destiny getting corrected with Destiny 2, the red flags that still remain stand out even stronger. If Bungie allowed for for cross-platform saves then higher level console players, who have had more hands-on time with the game, could trounce those who do decide to make the jump from PC.

Bungie is working with Vicarious Visions, known for the Skylanders games and their upcoming Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy remake, to make Destiny 2 PC. You know, the smaller team format, although it's one person bigger in the Trials case for sure here, in the smaller team format, in general, it's easier for us to find tighter matches. These activities will also be made public by the new Guided Games system that matches players not in groups or clans with other clans in-game so that endgame material can be made accessible to everyone.