Destiny 2: See The First 4K PC Screenshots


All the curious fans, be ready for the Live Stream and afterward, do share with us about the things you like in the upcoming Destiny 2.

What's up with the story?

During the event, audiences watched the actions of the first campaign mission featuring Guardians under siege by the villainous Red Legion. New players can join in clans if they're looking to get into a raid when THEY want, and visa versa, if a clan loses a member at the last second, "Guided Games" is a way for them to find these single players to join their team. Each planet will have a map that pinpoints and showcases everything there is to do on these mysterious new worlds. The gameplay looks similar to the first game, although the sequel promises to offer a better story with new areas and planets for you to explore. The world of Destiny were handsome, but fairly empty aside from the roving packs of enemies.

Destiny 2 is will be available at a suggested retail price of $59.99. Check it out in the player below, and view new images in the gallery! But now, they have their own particular brand new Supers. So you can do it right then and there instead of going back to your ship. All of the classes from the first Destiny installment will return in the sequel, along with two new classes: Sentinel and Arcstrider. You can equip the different weapons into each slot. Weapons will now be classified as either power weapons, energy weapons, and kinetic weapons. For most PC gamers this isn't a big deal, and Destiny 2 will just be another game tied to their account.

Near the beginning of the event, Bungie promised that anyone would be able to participate in Trials, Raids and Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2. Moreover, tanks will be introduced in the list of drivable vehicles in the game. Who knows, maybe there will even be cross-promotional stuff between games, like a Diablo III themed set of gear in game. The problem with the first game wasn't the gameplay, but that content and variety involved.

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A similar change has been made in the Crucible, Destiny's player-versus-player mode, which sees team sizes shrunk to 4v4 across the board. Among them is support for 4K resolution, as well as unlocked frame rate. There will also be an actual new mode called Countdown.

When can I play the beta?

This phrase means so much and it seems like Bungie has built upon everything that was great about Destiny and improved what wasn't so great.

When is Destiny 2 coming out?

Thoughts about Destiny 2? Below you can look at the first seven minutes of the first mission called "Homecoming".