Could this be Microsoft's Ultimate Mobile Device?


This hardware device is supposedly one that highlights the new mobile experiences Microsoft has been thinking of and is being tested with a supposedly different user interface than what we have now. According to reports, the next-gen chip will be able to support the phone's phenomenal performance, given the chip's advanced 10-nanometer design.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has commenced work on the mystery mobile and hope, the latter finds the same traction like Surface series laptops and tablets and take on established players like Samsung, Apple and Google. The company has been adamantly pushing it forward not just on PCs and its current smartphones, but even on its Xbox One consoles.

This report further claims that the new Mobile device will come with "added hardware component" enabling new experiences, which are again not elaborated upon. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted previous year that the tech giant will launch a new Windows 10 smartphone that is an ultimate mobile device. Hopefully, this new Windows Mobile reboot will fair better than its predecessors.

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Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella has recently hinted that the company is planning to make phones that won't like phones available in the market.

Microsoft's Windows 8 and 8.1 wasn't received so well by consumers and critics, and simply failed to capture interest. However, there is no confirmation on whether the new hardware that is used for testing the refreshed Windows 10 Mobile experience is the highly anticipated Surface phone. However, the new phones will not appear like conventional phones. Microsoft's most recent Lumia phones were eventually discontinued in December 2016.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) might have flown out of the smartphone spectrum for quite a while now, but it is determined to make a strong comeback with its next-gen Windows 10, powered smartphone line-up.