Comey's approval rating lower than Trump's in new poll


WASHINGTON-A majority of Democratic voters want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, according to a Morning Consult/POLITICO poll released Wednesday.

There exists a common narrative amongst political talking heads regarding President Donald Trump's base of support: as his approval ratings plummet to new lows on a daily basis, his core supporters remain defiantly by his side.

In the most one-sided response, 89 percent of respondents said they wanted to see increased bipartisan cooperation and less attacks and vitriol across the political aisle. Do you think they need to tone it down?

So, unsurprisingly, self-identified Democrats were far more likely to disapprove of Trump than self-identified Republicans, the poll's directors explained. That figure was slightly higher among Democrats (78 percent) than Republicans (72 percent), while 61 percent of independents said the same.

More than half of the public, 55 percent, said they believe Mr. Trump fired James Comey as FBI director to disrupt the federal investigation into possible collusion between Russian officials and Trump associates to interfere in the 2016 USA election. Trump says Comey was sacked because he no longer had confidence in him to lead the agency, a claim that only 36% of Americans say they believe. Moreover, 70 percent expressed disapproval over the way Comey probed Clinton's email scandal.

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While a majority of voters said they're nervous about the future of the country, a smaller share of Americans (43 percent) say the controversies are causing concern for the well-being of them or their families.

However, 52 percent of voters said they did not think Russian Federation and Trump's campaign conspired during the 2016 presidential election, which swayed the poll in favor of the 70-year-old.

On May 22, a Harvard-Harris poll found that only 41 percent of registered voters believed that the DOJ investigation into Russian Federation would result in Trump's impeachment while 59.

Forty-three, by contrast, rejected the idea of Trump abusing his presidential powers, including 86 percent of GOP voters, 45 percent of independents and 10 percent of Democrats, the poll found.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll showed 60 percent of voters disapproving of Comey's job at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with just 40 percent approving.