Colbert gleefully responds 'I won' to insults from Trump


President Donald Trump has been going back and forth with late night talk show host Stephen Colbert, after Colbert's scathing critique of Trump's alleged ties to Russian Federation, specifically that the 2016 election was hacked.

"The president of the United States has personally come after me and my show, and there's only one thing to say - yay!" "And you have kids watching", Trump said Thursday. He also referred to the Late Show host as a "filthy", "no-talent guy" in the wake of his controversial May 1 monologue, during which he insinuated that the president was Vladimir Putin's "c-k holster".

Colbert's show "builds up my base", Trump boasted in the interview. And if I may, Mr. President, I'd like to quote that great man. 'What-Me Worry?'

"The guy was dying", he told Time. While it's true that Trump did pull in high ratings, guess who drew even more? "By the way, they were going to take him off television, then he started attacking me and he started doing better", Trump said in an interview with Time.

"Making jokes about you has been good for ratings", Colbert said. "And you were admirably restrained, but now you did it".

Colbert did throw Trump a bone and admitted the ratings of his show were indeed high the night Trump was on, but the shade quickly followed: "The only episode that got better ratings was the night I had Jeb Bush on".

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"But you know, you know who's got really bad ratings these days?" "I do occasionally use adult language".

Colbert has leveled a series of blistering attacks on Trump during his show, including one so fierce and off-color it led to the hashtag #FireColbert.

"You got beat by 'low energy Jeb, '" he said. "It's nearly as if a majority of Americans didn't want you to be president". You do. awful approval numbers. "I hear they're thinking of switching your time slot with Mike Pence".

"If you did that, sir, what would I talk about then?"

"It's nearly like a majority of Americans didn't want you to be president", Colbert said. "Except your resignation, 'cause that'd be fun".