Clashes between Palestinians, Israeli soldiers in Gaza leave 8 injured: medics


Protesters took to the streets in the Israeli-occupied West Bank in support of Palestinian prisoners who declared a hunger strike last month to demand better conditions in Israeli jails.

The incident took place near a checkpoint where the day before, an Israeli settler opened fire at Palestinians who pelted his vehicle with rocks at a protest in solidarity with the hunger-strikers. We urge the rest of the global community also to speak up to support the demands of Palestinian prisoners and to insist that Israel immediately enters into serious dialogue with the prisoners about their demands before it is too late.

A statement released on Tuesday by the media committee established to support the strike warned that striking detainees have "entered a critical health situation", marked by chronic vomiting, vision impairment, fainting, and an average weight loss of 20 kilogrammes.

Shortly after arriving at the square, which is in nominally Palestinian-controlled H1, demonstrators were met by dozens of heavily armed Israeli soldiers and border police.

He added that numerous 6,000 Palestinians held by Israel are in prisons within Israel and not in the West Bank or in Gaza, a contravention of the International Humanitarian Law; the prisoners' location discourages family visits because of the difficulty in obtaining permits to enter Israel.

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An Israeli settler opened fire on a group of Palestinians throwing rocks at his vehicle, killing one and injuring a journalist.

A video of another settler handing out chocolates to "celebrate" the death of a young Palestinian man only served to exacerbate anger.

Earlier in the week the Israeli navy shot a Palestinian fisherman dead off the coast of Gaza as he fished, claiming he posed a security threat.

Muataz Bani Shemsay, 23, was killed after being shot in the head by the settler, and an Associated Press news agency photographer wounded before occupation forces arrived and dispersed the Palestinians.