Christian group urges Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem


If Trump had chose to throw two states out the window, then moving the American embassy to Jerusalem or recognizing a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - both moves that Israeli rightwing media outlets and commentators predicted were going to happen this week while Trump was in the country - would not be problematic from his perspective as they would not impact any potential agreement.

As Trumpisms go, this one is easy to forgive, particularly given how exhausted the president must have been after a weekend of jet-lagged diplomacy, (non-alcoholic) bacchanalia and sword dancing. We protect Christian sites, Muslim sites, obviously Jewish sites. But the lack of a public voice on the issue signaled a change in United States policy, which has preserved partnerships while also speaking vocally about the need for human rights reforms.

Donald Trump was the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall. Critics will say USA foreign policy is for sale to the highest bidder under Trump, the billionaire dealmaker.

(AP Photo/Salvatore Cavalli). From left, President of the European Council Donald Tusk gesticulates as he talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French newly elected President Emmanuel Macron, partially hidden, British PM Theresa May, and US Presi.

Other odd moments from this trip include the "grip and grit your teeth" handshake with new French President Emmanuel Macron, the failed attempts at hand holding with the first lady and video of Trump shoving aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders got ready for their class photo. This "an attack on one is an attack on all" pledge has only been invoked once in NATO's history - for the United States after the September 11 attacks. "So I do think there is a layer of truth here in that solving the "peace dilemma" may give regional actors the ability to advance their relationships with Israel". I know you've heard it before. "I am not a military person, but I always want to hold the high ground".

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The Israeli leader was referring to the reported change in the stance of Sunni Arab states in the Middle East. He added that, while "America is prepared to stand with you - in pursuit of shared interests and common security.the nations of the Middle East can not wait for American power to crush this enemy for them". And that's where we see something new and potentially something very promising. Marking the first time people can exercise their right to freedom of religion in the Holy Land.

Trump later called it a "great honor" to visit the wall, saying, "I can see a much deeper path, friendship with Israel".

Indeed, the president expressed friendship and support for Israel in a far more open and positive manner than any of his predecessors. Words fail to capture the experience.

Aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to embrace the linkage theory of Middle East peace, as he explained President Trump's investment in relaunching direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians. But he undoubtedly pressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to move forward with confidence-building measures such as improving the economic conditions and social development among Palestinians. It was the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who showed the militias in Iraq how to make explosive charges to blow up U.S. vehicles, with loss of many American lives, and paved the way for the current Iranian ascendancy in Baghdad. What's more, it's certain that Russian Federation would share the information with its allies Syria and Iran, Israel's greatest enemies. Haaretz's front page prioritizes the announcement by British authorities who said they were searching for a "network of suspects" in connection with the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday night that killed at least 22 people.