Chelsea Manning Posts First Picture Of Herself Since Release


One day after being released from a top-security United States military prison, transgender former soldier Chelsea Manning - who served seven years for one of the largest dumps of classified documents in USA history - has unveiled her new look. Manning wrote alongside a photograph of sneaker-clad feet that she published on social media. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said the arrest of Assange, who has been living in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012, was a priority.

She then became engaged in a legal battle with the U.S. Department of Defence, seeking health-care services to help in transitioning while imprisoned. But on her sentence commutation, the outraged tweet "How many people died because of Manning's leak?" came from none other than the New York Times' Judith Miller, whose front-page promotions of bad intelligence paved the way for the Iraq War.

Shortly before finishing his term as President, Obama shortened the sentence for Manning, who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks. The military refused to provide her with treatment for gender dysphoria. The Pentagon estimated it affected 7,000 active-duty and reserve personnel.

Upon a conviction on 20 charges in 2013, Manning declared in a statement: "I am Chelsea Manning".

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Manning was released from a US military prison on Wednesday, seven years after being arrested for passing secrets to WikiLeaks in the largest breach of classified information in USA history.

In a statement to ABC News, Ms Manning said: "As I rebuild my life, I remind myself not to relive the past".

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