Brother and sister from Portugal won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest


The fado-tinged song "Amar Pelos Dois" was performed by 27-year old Salvador Sobral, who is awaiting a heart transplant.

Salvador managed to score a whopping 758 points for his country on the night, beating second place Bulgaria by over 100 as they racked up a total of 613.

He said: "We live in a world of disposable music, fast food music without content and I think this can be a victory for music that means something".

"Music is not fireworks, music is feeling", he said while accepting the award.

The UK finished 15th out of 26 countries with the song "Never Give Up On You", performed by the 26 year old from Pentyrch near Cardiff.

Jones secured the UK's highest placing since 2011, when boyband Blue came 11th with 100 points.

It's the first time Portugal have won the contest in 53 years of trying.

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This year, Ukraine has used the contest to take tentative steps to soften the climate of homophobia prevalent in the ex-Soviet Union.

The song attained 758 points, ahead of Bulgaria in second on 615 points and Moldova in third on 374 points, and way up from last year's victor Jamala for Ukraine, which received 534 points.

BBC Monitoring reported that Ukrainian TV identified him as "scandalous" Ukrainian prankster Vitaliy Sedyuk.

The stage invader, wrapped in an Australian flag, was swiftly wrestled off the stage by a security guard.

The incident forced BBC commentator Graham Norton to apologise to United Kingdom viewers at home, telling them: "It's been brought to our attention that you may have witnessed a bare bottom earlier in this performance".

Speaking after his win, Salvador - who has fought ill health to take part in the competition - dedicated his triumph to "music that means something". But those sweet intentions were soured this year when Russia's participation was scuttled by host Ukraine over the two nations' diplomatic and military conflict.