Black congressman threatened with lynching after call for Trump impeachment


Trump was forced to change the reasons he gave for Comey's sacking, after Rosenstein contradicted Trump's version of events.

Trump is now in Israel on the second leg of his first foreign trip as president. Mr. Rosenstein has not yet revealed whether the order came from Trump, or from Attorney general Jeff Sessions. "I do (have confidence in Trump)", he told reporters at a news conference. Whatever the real reason behind Trump's dismissal of Comey, the President did tell NBC's Lester Holt that he meant to fire Comey "regardless". He went on to note that most intelligence officials, like Comey, typically take notes immediately following any important conversation. Rubio says the controversy has cast a "cloud" over the White House.

On Sunday, McCain criticized Trump for inviting Lavrov to the White House in the first place. How often do we expect to see the man responsible for an investigation of wrongdoing, sitting down for dinner with a man who is central to that investigation?

One such memorandum revealed that Trump allegedly asked Comey to let go of the investigation of Michael Flynn's connection with Russian Federation, as the former National Security Advisor was part of the Trump campaign.

The New York Times reported last week on a Comey memo indicating that Trump had urged him to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. There can be little doubt, that the suggestions that Trump colluded with Russian Federation, to secure his election victory are hurting Trump's approval ratings.

Rubio said White House officials had told him they had no transcripts nor notes of Trump's meeting with Russian officials but "apparently someone has discussed them, or leaked them". He is also tasked with a probe into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russian Federation. Politico reports that Republicans have already begun a whispering campaign, to have Trump removed from office and replaced by Mike Pence.

Trump supporters will assert that this was just an honest expression of Trump's legitimate foreign policy objective, a peaceful alliance with the Russians and the elimination of an incompetent Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

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The seven-term Democrat told the crowd of about 100 people that he won't be deterred. Green accused Trump of "obstructing justice" when he fired James Comey. "That's pretty serious. That's obstruction of justice".

Stephanopoulos pressed, "You have the President of the United States telling the Russian foreign minister, in their first meeting, that that the pressure is off because he's fired the FBI director investigating Russian interference in the campaign".

Green spoke on the House floor last week calling for Trump's impeachment.

The Houston Chronicle compiled three of the recordings, which Green played at a town hall meeting in Houston on Saturday.

In another, a man's voice says, "You ain't going to impeach nobody, you ***". Try it and we'll lynch all you fuckin' n---. Sadly, that message was just one of many, received by Congressman Green.

A third video also featured someone pushing a conspiracy theory that slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was the one who sent DNC emails to WikiLeaks instead of Russian Federation. Green encouraged those who want the president impeached to contact their local representatives and show up for town hall meetings.

"We are not going to be intimidated", Green said Saturday.