Almost 4-foot Australian cat may be world's longest


Maine Coons are known for being on the larger side (the heaviest cat in the world, Samson, is one) but Omar is really something else.

And once you've been on Cats of Instagram, it appears the sky is the limit. The current record-holder, from the United Kingdom, is also a Maine Coon which is just over 118cm long.

Now he is to be named the world's biggest cat, having been spotted on Instagram by the Guinness World Records team.

ME coon Ludo, who lives in Wakefield, might be ousted after Melbourne-based Omar, who is the same breed, was revealed to be 2.33cm longer.

"We thought he might be (the longest cat in the world) but we hadn't done anything about it because he might not be fully grown yet", Hirst told the Maroondah Leader.

Ms Hirst, who lives in Melbourne, said that Omar's favourite dinner was raw kangaroo and his favourite activity was doing nothing...

The Maine coon cat has received a lot of attention since Hirst started an Instagram account for Omar, which now has almost 21,000 followers.

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"We buy human-grade kangaroo meat at the supermarket", her owner says. "It's the only meat we could find that he actually wants to eat", Stephy Hirst tells the BBC.

"All of our friends want to come over and see our cat", Ms Hirst said.

Guinness representatives in London confirmed they had received an application "from Omar and his family" but Ms Hirst said staking a claim to fame is "not important" to her.

But she has to lock him out of their bedroom at night.

Despite skyrocketing to global fame, Omar is a reluctant celebrity.

"He's just looking forward to napping on the trampoline, chowing down on some more kangaroo and trying to keep us awake at night", she said.