Alien Covenant Reviews - What Did You Think?!


What follows sticks close to the formula many Alien movies have stuck to, with the crew (which includes Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo, and Amy Seimitz) venturing where they shouldn't, only to meet some aliens, who, with each mutation, grow closer to the aliens we all grew up with. The first film of the blockbuster franchise went on to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. They viciously attack the crew members on the ground and aboard the ship - slashing and gashing them with lightning speed, blood spewing everywhere. Waterston would make a fine Ripley-esque lead, if she didn't feel like a supporting character in David's relentless quest of creating something flawless. After the crew prematurely awakens due to a disaster, they discover a nearby planet very much like Earth that could serve as their new home.

Ripley took us through every gut-wrenching range of emotion, and her victory was our victory! Hasn't she seen a horror movie before?

Now almost 40 years old, Alien still gives men more than a few reasons to squirm in their seats. The problems are fairly fundamental, easy to spot when compared with the original. Like Rapace's character in Prometheus, Daniels is traveling with her husband - played by James Franco in what I'm assuming is deleted footage - who dies within the first minute. The events take place before the original Alien, making it a prequel that some feel is too predictable.

Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender (both recently from "Steve Jobs") lead an excellent, diverse ensemble cast. Neither film is Alien nor do they ever try to be. As for me, you couldn't pay me to sit through it again. I wanted to know where this was going, I wanted Elizabeth Shaw to get the answers and I wanted David to be a cool synthetic. Reviews have been mixed with a 45% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So here we are in 2017 and another ship is floating around in space with "Alien: Covenant". Despite all the disgusting, frightful things that are happening on-screen, I was surprised to see how light Ridley keeps it on set.

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Now, here I sit, still, weeks later thinking how could this have gone so wrong? "I'm trying to figure out what they do", he said, "so that one day they may be able to put a chip in me so I can continue what I started".

When things settle down, Daniels gives the speech you've heard in most of the trailers so far.

Laughing, he added, "I felt like our characters in This Is The End would really appreciate what was happening there". To be honest, Mr. Scott, the story just rankled me to the point of no return. "I'd love to explore where the hell [Elizabeth] goes next and what does she do when she gets there because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is".

Nearly immediately after being awakened, the captain intercepts a signal (well, actually, someone humming John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads") from a planet much closer than the target planet that seems habitable. They find two things there: The android David and certain death from bloodthirsty alien creatures. My only solace is the fact that I have all the other "Alien" films on Blu-ray and can use it as a marathon-mind washing over the weekend. Prometheus deliberately muddied the waters (all according to Scott's plan, he says) while heavily leaning on the creation aspect. I had some pretty severe nightmares after seeing this one-but hey, that's how you know you got your money's worth.

If I can offer some salve for the scratches I think "Taboo" is a frakken ridiculously awesome television show and "The Martian" is absolutely brilliant, so there's that. If you like Ridley Scott's Aliis a en movies - particularly, if you enjoyed "Prometheus" - then you will more than likely enjoy "Alien: Covenant".