AI And Other Key Takeaways From Google I/O 2017


Unlike the ubiquitous round emojis displayed on Apple and Android operating systems, Google's version looked like a cross between melted lemon drops and the yellow ghost in Pac Man.

But Google, like Microsoft and even Apple, seems to be focusing developer attention more strongly on software and services rather than exclusively on gadgets, analysts said.

To celebrate this, the tech giant says it will launch Android O later this year to "bring more fluid experiences to your smaller screen", as well as improving battery life and security. After all, Google said it supports calling out with a private number, by default, and it will also provide the option to link your mobile number to Google Assistant. Some of the new features that users can expect from Android O were revealed when Google released the first developer preview for the operating system in March, but here's a quick recap of some of the most interesting ones.

Google has updated its Google Photos app to recognise faces and search for people in albums. As the same Google Assistant works across your devices you will be able to access the appointments or receive the reminders at home or on the go.

At Google I/O Conference 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted the push towards infusing almost all of Google's products with some semblance of artificial intelligence.

Google punctuated the theme near the end of the conference's keynote address by projecting the phrase, "Computing that works like we do".

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So for starters, Google Assistant will be getting a much broader range of language support over the summer, including support for French, German, Portugese and Japanese.

Other home appliances, ranging from air conditioner, oven, dryer to robot vacuum cleaner will also be enhanced with the Google AI technology, later on, the company said.

Google's new Google Assistant app will surely make changes to the users' minds as we can see a number of impressive features on this app which are not available on the Siri app of the existing iPhone users. It also makes the user choose between Apple Music and YouTube. The equivalent of Alexa's "skills", this feature lets users interact with third-party apps via the Assistant.

Another important feature is the addition of Actions on Google to smartphones.

But Pichai and Google co-founder Larry Page, now CEO of Google corporate parent Alphabet Inc, see it differently.

To get started with Android O, you'll need to either enrol your smartphone in the Android Beta Program, or download a system image and flash it to your device.