Act II for France's Macron: getting the majority to govern


At Macron's victory party outside the Louvre on Sunday, the classical music lover walked on to the stage to the strains of "Ode to Joy", the anthem of the European Union, rather than France's La Marseillaise, which was saved for the end of his speech.

Emmanuel Macron spent the first day after his presidential election victory at a ceremony of commemoration marking the end of World War II on 8 May.

Macron, a former economy minister who had never previously stood for elected office, beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen by 66 percent to 34 - a gap well above the 20 or so percentage points that surveys had predicted.

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Marine Le Pen's success in the first round shocked some but others weren't surprised, given Donald Trump's victory in November and Brexit in March.

What is important now is the division of the spoils, particularly on the right wing.

She added: "Emmanuel Macron carries the hopes of millions of French people and of many people in Germany and the whole of Europe".

"To govern effectively, Macron needs the backing of a parliamentary majority (289 seats or more), but the chance of his movement being able to build one, from zero seats, appears slim", the analyst said. "Together for a #Europe more strong and more just", Europe", tweeted Jean-Claude Juncker.

Macron enjoyed a meteoric rise from nothing to president of a major European country, Schirach pointed out. "For the Republicans, they were robbed of their election, and for Mélenchon, with 600,000 more votes he would have made it to the second round".

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Valls said the Socialists were dead and "I will be a candidate for the presidential majority".

Since the first round of the election, Macron has accused Russia of meddling in his campaign with cyberattacks and has refused to accredit Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik, accusing them of issuing fake news stories.

The telegram went on: "In these condition it is especially important to overcome mutual distrust and join forces to ensure worldwide stability and security".

Moscow has rejected accusations of interfering in the election campaign, as it has rejected similar charges out of Berlin and Washington.

"I know the country is divided and this has led to people voting for extremes", Macron said in the speech at his team's headquarters.

Macron will name his prime minister next week, but could be forced to amend his choice if the legislative elections don't go to plan.

Earlier, Le Pen told supporters she had called to congratulate Macron after exit estimates projected her heavy defeat.

Macron's movement is banking that voters, having elected him, won't want to see his presidency hobbled so quickly.

The former investment banker has little experience in governance, serving as economy minister for two years as his most senior role.