5 people hospitalized after eating gas station nacho cheese


The "what-ifs" torturing the Kelly family all stem from Lavinia Kelly's choice to drizzle the Doritos she bought at a Walnut Grove gas station on April 21 with nacho cheese sauce from the deli area. Theresa said she anxious for her sister's life, as Lavinia struggled to breathe and open her eyes.

"My phone rings and I pick up the phone and it's her and she can't articulate a word", the victim's older sister, Theresa Kelly said.

On Wednesday, Kelly celebrated her 33rd birthday from her hospital room, unable to move.

Nine people are being treated at area hospitals. Clark did say, "They're acquiring astounding medical bills".

And the family has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the gas station for negligence.

Sacramento health officials are also looking into four cases that may be related.

Lavinia had stopped at a gas station April 21 and chose to drizzle the Doritos she bought with the gas station's nacho cheese sauce.

"Somebody needs to be accountable", said Dawn Kelly, the sisters' mom. Within hours of eating the nacho-cheese sauce, she felt exhausted, her partner, Ricky Torres, told the Bee. The botulism attacked nerve endings in Kelly's body and resulted in her partial paralysis and other symptoms.

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A Sacramento County woman who drizzled nacho cheese from a gas station dispenser onto her Doritos has been hospitalized for almost a month after contracting botulism, a serious illness caused by bacteria that can cause paralysis, breathing difficulty and, potentially, death.

The county revoked the gas station's permit to sell food and drink on May 5 and is urging anyone who ate the gas station's prepared foods from April 23 to May 5 to contact their doctor immediately.

"We're just trying to figure out what happened", her partner, Ricky Torres, told the Sacremento Bee. She began feeling tired within hours.

They sent her home a few hours later, but that evening she started vomiting and having difficulty breathing.

Bruce Clark, the family's lawyer, would not say how much money they are suing for, but he says similar cases in the past involved millions of dollars.

"Only human mistakes create the environment for botulinum toxin to form", her attorney told the Bee. Officials believe the outbreak is linked to nacho cheese sauce that was served at the station, but the exact cause of the poisoning is still under investigation, officials said.

Per Consumerist, according to the Centers for Disease Control's most recent National Botulism Surveillance Summary, there were 199 confirmed cases of botulism in the United States in 2015, only 39 of which were food-borne.

A craving for nacho cheese has landed a California woman an extended stay in hospital.