2016 list: Most popular baby names in New Hampshire


Ava was the top girl name in the state in 2015, followed by Emma, Olivia, Abigail and Harper.

Looking for the most popular baby names?

Some new names made the list this year, including Elijah, which is the first time that name has ever cracked the top 10, according to the report. In Louisiana, Liam was the name most frequently bestowed on boys, with 276 little Liams. Does your baby's name make the cut? Here's a list of the most popular baby names for Ohio. The top 10 names are listed above in the slideshow.

Here's a full breakdown of the names, which comes from Social Security card applications.

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For comparison, the top names in Arkansas in 2015 were Emma and William.

For 2016, Kehlani and Kylo saw the biggest increases. This may be attributed to Kehlani Parrish, a singer/songwriter who was nominated for a Grammy in 2016. According to the Social Security Administration, Kehlani rose 2,487 spots on the girls' list from number 3,359 in 2015 to number 872 in 2016.

For the boys, Kylo soared 2,368 spots, coming in at number 901 in 2016.

The name Adonis is also the number four fastest riser on the list for boys. Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia and the grandson of Darth Vader, was a character in the 2015 film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".