Samsung Delays English-Speaking Bixby Personal Assistant On Galaxy S8


The Bixby voice-powered assistant was unveiled at a special event last month and was meant to debut on the South Korean giant's new flagship devices.

I've got some bad news for all you Samsung Galaxy S8 buyers: you're going to have to wait a while before you can interact with one of its biggest features, the Bixby voice assistant. Sure, the Galaxy S8 will have the Bixby installed but functions will only be limited to Bixby Reminder, Bixby Home, and Bixby Vision.

Samsung has confirmed that Bixby Voice, the voice-control feature of it's very own voice-assistant and answer to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, will not be ready to launch with the Galaxy S8.

Bixby Vision should help set the tone, though.

Bixby Voice works in a similar manner to Apple's Siri, allowing users to control their handset with spoken commands.

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Samsung claims that Bixby will be able to support nearly every task that the application that is capable of performing using the conventional interface (i.e. touch commands). In the statement, Samsung also described Bixby as a "service that will evolve over time".

Samsung included a dedicated button on the phone's side for Bixby in an effort to place the spotlight on it and differentiate it from other smart assistants. Bixby Home is simply a pane of various widgets related to Bixby.

Last year Samsung acquired U.S. artificial intelligence platform developer Viv Lab, a firm run by a co-creator of Apple's Siri voice assistant program. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus sports a 6.2-inch QHD+ display with a 440x2960 pixels resolution. Hopefully, the Samsung Galaxy S8 features update for the Bixby app will be out soon.

When the Galaxy S8 was announced, Samsung had warned Bixby wouldn't support all languages immediately, but no reason why was provided.